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Tummy Tuck

In medical parlance Tummy Tuck is referred to as Abdominoplasty. By removal (destroying) extra fat and skin, and also of tightening muscles in your abdominal wall it flattens your abdomen. extra fat deposits and loose skin in the abdominal area is also taken care of in this procedure. It is a good solution for women with multiple pregnancies and stretched skin & for obese people who have left over extra flab.

The procedure will vary between a complete abdominoplasty and a partial abdominoplasty depending upon the correction required by your abdomen. Your period of stay in the hospital will also be thus influenced which can vary from one to five hours. Whether you opt for an in-patient or outpatient procedure will be established by the final result desired by you in conjunction with your treating doctor along with the complexity of your particular situation also.

You must arrange for a post operative care taker at home for at least a couple of nights if you stay alone to prepare for the procedure. Also you should have someone who can drive you back home. You should start on a balanced and healthy diet. You would be advised to discontinue smoking, due to its delayed healing effects. The doctor would want to review if you are on any medication.

Complete abdominoplasty, is necessary for those patients who require the most correction. In it the abdomen is cut from hipbone to hipbone. The incision is made at about the same level as the pubic hair, quite low. Manipulation and contouring of the skin, tissue and muscle is done as desired. Because it's necessary to free the navel from surrounding tissue the belly button is given a new opening in this procedure. Under the skin Drainage tubes may be placed and these are removed as the surgeon sees fit in a few days.

Fat deposits located below the navel and requiring short incisions are treated in partial or mini abdominoplasty. Most likely belly button will not be moved during this procedure, and between the line of incision and the belly button the skin is separated. An endoscope (small camera on the end of a tube) may also be used to perform this type of surgery.

In the post operative period you will feel pain and have swelling like in any other surgery in tummy tuck also. For several weeks or months you might also experience soreness. For that same time period the procedure may also bring along numbness, bruising and overall tiredness. The scars resulting from this procedure will never completely disappear though may fade slightly. On ways to combat the same the surgeon will advice you and prescribe medicines.

This is a major surgery, remember to discuss any post operative complications (though rare) with your surgeon, more so if you have poor circulation, diabetes or heart, lung or liver disease. Your surgeon will discuss resting time period options with you to ensure appropriate recovery. For some time for proper healing you would be advised to restrict yourself from performing any strenuous activities. You may also be advised to take a couple of months off from work.

Tummy Tuck Package


  • Airport Pick-up and Drop
  • Hospital Stay in a Private Room as indicated above. One attendant can stay with the patient.
  • Nursing & Diet charges.
  • Routine lab tests
  • Admitting Consultant's visit charges
  • Surgeon’s Fees and OT Charges


  • Hospital stay after the said period.
  • Visit charges after the said period.
  • Cross consultations, if any.
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