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International NGO

How we can help NGOs?

Some of the local and international NGOs are doing great work in healthcare field of African and Asian countries. There are some NGOs who also sponsor medical treatment of such patients who cannot afford or get good medical care in their home countries.

There are some countries that do not have good medical facilities, advanced technology and skilled doctors. In such a scenario, these NGOs have to refer patients to hospitals in foreign countries. But in countries like the US, Canada, UK etc., the healthcare services are so very expensive that NGO cannot afford to refer patients to such places. Moreover this also comes with very long waiting time.

If we have to help a large number of needy patients then the treatment should be very affordable and should be of good quality. We can help NGOs just to do that. We have a wide network of some of the best hospitals in India which provide good quality and affordable medical care. We can help NGOs right from locating hospitals in India that meets their requirements to providing complete ground assistance to the patients referred by them.

Hospitals tie-ups, creating awareness, guiding patients etc. are some of things that we can do for NGOs.

For more information on how we can help NGOs please write to us at info@saigehealthcare.com

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