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Corporate Services

How we can help Corporate Organizations and Insurance Companies?

Every corporate organization wants its employees to get best medical care. But, expenditure on medical care of employees has been increasing continuously over a period of time, putting a lot of pressure on the cost incurred by the corporate organizations.

Corporate Organizations are looking for options to bring down the employee healthcare costs without hampering the quality of care given to the employees. One of the options available is to send their employees to other countries which offer world-class medical care at an affordable cost without any waiting time. India is one of the most preferred destinations in the world among the patients who come to India in large number to avail medical services at world-class accredited hospitals and under the care of vastly experienced and skilled doctors.

Saige Healthcare has formed a network of doctors, clinics and hospitals in India so that the corporate organizations can have a single point of contact for their employees to avail healthcare facilities in India. They need not go in search of doctors and hospitals in India and waste their time and efforts just to find out the right hospital and the right doctor for their employees. We will help and guide them at every step so that both the organization and employees are tension free.

Saige Healthcare provides advisory and ground assistance services to Corporate Organization and Insurance Companies for the medical treatment of their employees and beneficiaries in India.


  • 1. Single point of contact - For the employees and the organizations
  • 2. Cost Savings - Get Special rates from our network hospitals
  • 3. No Waiting Time - With priority appointment bookings
  • 4. Easy Communication - Round the clock telephone and e-mail support
  • 5. Travel Assistance - Flight Tickets, VISA, FRRO, Airport Transfers, Internal Transfers etc.
  • 6. Courtesy Visits - Just to make sure that the employees and their companion are comfortable at the hospital.
  • 7. Daily Updates – Get updates by mail or phone call about the employee’s status who is undergoing treatment at our network hospital in India.
  • 8. Recuperation Holiday - We plan and give wide range of holiday or sight seeing options that suits health condition, budget and preference of the employees or beneficiaries.
  • 9. Payments and Documentation - Our team meticulously checks the hospital invoices, medical reports and other relevant documents and compiles it as per the requirement for easy processing of payments.
  • 10. Post-discharge care - We help the employees or beneficiaries to be in touch with the treating doctor through mail or phone so that there is continuity of care even after discharge from the hospital.

For more information on how we can help Corporate Organizations and Insurance Companies please write to us at info@saigehealthcare.com

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